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business Selection criteria.

To apply, elaborate on the following areas and upload in pdf format:


  1. What problem are your solving
  2. Clearly explain your solution and value proposition
  3. Who is the target market
  4. Indicate both the size of your overall market and total addressable market
  5. What is your go 2 market strategy or customer acquisition strategy
  6. Name 3 of your closest competitors and indicate what makes your solution fundamentally better (i.e. game-changing)
  7. How much traction have you gained thus far (how much progress have you made so far?)
  8. Clearly state your business and revenue model
  9. What makes you ideal for executing the proposed business
  10. What are your requirements (i.e. what are your exact needs from WZ Capital?)

Submit your response as an attachment together with the information requested in the contact form below.

  1. Technologically Innovative
  2. Scalable
  3. Disruptive (i.e. game-changing)
  4. Full-time owner-managed
  5. Must at least have an MVP